Community Life Improvement and Multicultural Bridging

Community Outreach  C.L.I.M.B

At Grace Covenant Christian Church, we believe that preaching the gospel is more than just speaking it, but we are in the community of Logan Heights to serve the holistic needs of the people.

We do this in many ways through our non-profit organization
C.L.I.M.B.( Community Life Improvement and Multicultural Bridging).  

CLIMB also assists those in need of employment, training for interviews and resume assistance.
We receive EVERY WEEK 100's of fresh jobs that businesses, corporations, and nonprofits send us SEEKING qualified candidates!  

Call Brother Greg Bryant or Dr. Lois Shelton at the church at 619.531.0901

We specialize in Licensed Counseling for Anger Managment issues, PTSD, Drug and Alcohol, Marriage Counseling and Addictions.

We have individual counseling clinical sessions and Group sessions that promote trust, mental wellness, fellowship and spiritual/moral discipline therapy.

For more information, please contact Brother Greg Bryant or Dr. Lois Shelton for detailed information
or call the church at 619.531.0901