The Virtuous Flowers

The Virtuous Flowers are a seasoned group of women working to answer the call of God and to fulfill the vision of reconciliation.  They believe prayer is a vital ingredient in living a victorious Christian life in your golden years. 

The Virtuous Flowers feel that it is imperative to fellowship with others who also know and love the Lord. 
Being a Virtuous Flower is a privilege that allows you to serve God with the principles for healthy spiritual growth. 

The organization reaches out to the aging, shut-ins, and our youth and young adults. They encourages the elderly to fellowship in His resurrection power and to share the love of Jesus with the unsaved, the broken hearted and anyone with spiritual needs. 
 Seasoned in intercessory prayer, they lift up the people of God in prayer in the all powerful name of Jesus.


Meeting Time: 2nd Sunday  
Time:    1:15pm