Women in Ministry

At Grace Covenant Christian Church, women are Handmaidens unto the Lord. Pastor Renee Watkins received the vision from the Lord to begin to train holiness and purity to the handmaidens at Grace Covenant Christian Church. The handmaidenship is a very special calling and is given by God as part of the Holy Vision. Women in Ministry helps handmaidens blossom into beautiful flowers. 

Women in Ministry consists of 2 parts:

Warring Handmaidens in Pursuit (W.H.I.P.): W.H.I.P. stands for Warring Handmaidens in Pursuit of building the
kingdom of God. Through WHIP, we help bring the GCCC vision to life
by reconciling women back to God. Our vision is to go out into our
communities and share the greatest miracle, the salvation ofJesus

                    Handmaidens in Service (H.I.S.): H.I.S. Helps each woman strengthen her personal relationship with God. Each woman learns about commitment, dedication, and what it means to be a bride of Christ and a flower unto God.

Join us as we move into the very special calling God has given us!

if you would like to join our Women's Ministry,
please contact us at (619) 531-0901 or follow us on
Facebook/YouTube: GraceCov1.